Aisling Pigott

Aisling Pigott

Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian, PgCert Sports and Exercise Nutrition, MSc Advanced Dietetic Practice

Aisling Pigott is a Registered Dietitian working in South Wales. She qualified as a Dietitian from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2010. She completed a pgCert Sports and Exercise Nutrition in 2013, and an MsC Advanced Dietetic Practise in 2018.

Aisling has worked across a variety of academic, NHS and sports settings over the past decade. Her NHS career has moved her into Paediatrics, and she is passionate about supporting the health needs of our next generation in a healthy and evidence based manner.

Sports Nutrition experience

Aisling has a professional and personal interest in sports nutrition. As a keen runner who regularly runs marathons and ultra-marathons she is aware of the benefit of appropriate nutrition, fuel and hydration for extreme and endurance events. As a busy working Mum, with a love of adventure, travelling and spending time with family and friends she is a fan of nutrition solutions which are quick, easy and adaptable to a busy life!

  • Lecturer in Sports Nutrition at University of South Wales (2013-2015)
  • Nutrition education for Newport Academy, Cardiff Triathletes and individual Iron Men Athletes
  • Individual support for elite and high level athletes (adult and paediatric)

Media work

Aisling is a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and regularly appears on TV, radio and print. She is passionate about debunking nutrition myths and promoting healthy, body positive messages around food and nutrition. She is 100% anti-fads but pro health and wellbeing. You may have seen her on the following.

  • BBC News
  • BBC Wales
  • BBC X-Ray
  • Secrets of your supermarket food
  • How to lose weight well

Fun Fact

Dietitians eat real food including fruit, vegetables and EVEN occasional cake!
If you’d like support from a pro-health, body positive and supportive Dietitian, call the clinic to make an appointment on 01656 652635 or book here.

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