Sally Maclean
Baby Massage Instructor

Baby Massage Instructor

PGCE BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

I have been teaching baby massage for 3 years, and it has been the best change in career I have made, I love teaching the classes and getting to watch the babies grow and develop. I’m a qualified holistic therapist (Indian Head Massage, deep tissue massage and hot stone therapy), so the baby massage was an extension of the knowledge around the benefits of massage, and applying it to babies is very rewarding.

Baby massage runs on a 5 week course, over which we build up a full body massage for baby. It’s a very relaxed and totally baby led environment, which contributes to the numerous benefits of baby massage. Massage can help with colic, wind, constipation, inducing deeper and longer sleep and relaxation for both baby and parent. It is an ideal 1st class for parents and babies due to the deep bonding it provides. Bring your singing voices (don’t worry I wouldn’t make any choir), as we stimulate all senses with songs included too.

Baby Massage classes run on a Monday 11-12pm.


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